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Black History Month is celebrated accros the word in order to celebrate most important black figures who came together to make change towards the community and towards the world perception. Less known in France, Cerbere wanted to highlight personalities weither wellknown or not here on the blog. We will discover activits or french black entrepreuneurs point of view and also learn about the state of the culture as of today. We quick off this celebration with Nelson Mandela with 10 things you need to know about this Modern African Hero.

10. Nelson Mandela was born in July 18th in South Africa and grew up from a modest yet activist familly.

9. His tribal name is "madiba" . "Using the Madiba name is to reclaim his African-ness and to downplay the Nelson part, which is a colonial legacy that unfortunately shackled much of the African continent for a long, long time,"said Peter Alegi, a professor at Michigan State University specializing in South African history.

8. He has been a lawyer before been elected as the south african president.

7. He was arrested in August 5th with the support of the CIA and sent to prison regarding his fight for equal rights and his sabotage campaign againspublic and millitary installation in South Africa. He then benefits since then for a full international support.

6. in 1993 He will receive the Nobel prize for his fight to stop the apartheid and to set new rules for a peacefull and more democratix South Africa.

5. He will be released from prison Febuary 11th 1990

4. He will stay and forever be the most known fighter against classes differences and also racial segregation

3. He has been the first black president in South Africa from May 1994 to June 1999.

2. He has been an activistist for economics and politics inequalities between black and white in south Africa with an echo around the world.

1. He will later in his life be involved in many fights and organizations agains pauverty and aids. He is the father of a multiracial and a more democratic South Africa

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