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Over the years more and more brands are standing out to support LGBTQIA causes during pride month. From car dealers to beverages and clothing brands, everyone wants to celebrate pride at any cost. However are those brands really share LGBTQIA values ?

When we know that today certain companies still not want to attach themselves to the community in terms of brand image and recruitment. This review will help us understand the business behind the 2019 pride.

Since Pridemonths are when LGBTQIA concerns are really talked about. As those few months are to make earth a better place to love who we want and be who we want to be, it occurs the purpose are often overshadowed by big parties and celebrations. He comes the misunderstanding and the fact that certain brands could take advantage of an “lgbt moments” to cash on a situation that is far from being solved yet.

What Pride Month really celebrates ?

Pride Month, pride celebrations, and pride marches are how LGBTQ people and allies address the ongoing work for acceptance and equality, which ultimately brings us back to the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in New York City. Fed up with being harassed and targeted, LGBTQ patrons of the Stonewall Inn, who were predominantly people of color, fought back against the police. It resulted in four nights of rioting.

“Before Stonewall, gay leaders had primarily promoted silent vigils and polite pickets, such as the ‘Annual Reminder’ in Philadelphia,” Fred Sargeant, one of the original organizers of the march, wrote in the Village Voice. “Since 1965, a small, polite group of gays and lesbians had been picketing outside Liberty Hall. The walk would occur in silence. Required dress on men was jackets and ties; for women, only dresses. We were supposed to be unthreatening.”

Today Pride month have evolved in a movement. Something that really brings LGBTQIA together to celebrate self love and really talk about LGBTQIA issues by marching everywhere.


In a recent interview made by Mickeael Kors itself, despite learning that its benefice of MK Pride Month’s merch are all going to a non profits Aids Organization, certain brands are just cashing not giving back

The money that companies make selling goods to people looking for an easy, straightforward way to help with a big, complicated issue rarely has tangible results, for example in the US outside of the profits for the companies selling those goods. Similarly, some companies who are promoting LGBTQ Pride — and ostensibly cashing in on Pride merchandise or retail. They are not doing much on that side of the profit for the LGBTQ community beyond contributing the notion “we are aware and also concern” around the issues that affect many communities worldwide


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When a Russian speaker tried to chat to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri about gay clubs, he got an unusual response - which Apple maintains was due to a bug. A video surfaced showing a conversation in Russian between Siri and a man. The anwser when the gent asked Siri about “gay clubs location” Siri responded “ I will pretend i haven’t heard it” alongside other missunderstood situation when we knoW Apple has always being vocal about it activist in the LGBTQA communities.

Support pride is always a good idea. Doing it with real concerns and purpose is even better! Before your company gets caught up in the euphoria of Pride fever, make sure you’re not committing the cardinal rule of engaging with a marginalized community: showing up only during a celebration for such a community, in this case Pride Month, with a superficial show of support. That is truly the rotten apple in some strategies. Let’s be clear we are not picking sides here but we just saying...

H&M Los Angeles Pride with a chinese situation

Credits : Courtesy of H&M

This case can be seen as a kind of publicity for the giant.

The rainbow Merch of H&M having a manufacturing base anti LGBTQ has reached its highest level. In China remember that tolerance is not accepted. However Lavern Cox seemed to be the perfect human being for such a big campaign. However using her fame by the hit show Orange is the new black was clearly a good idea to start conversation especially for transgenders causes that matter just as the rest of the community.


Alexandre Mattiussi behind the brand AMI

Surprisingly this year, French designer that stands out has to be Ami. As the brand is already embraced by the french LGBTQ community. Ami released a hoodie with the heart logo in rainbow. A good insensitive as all the benefits were designated to the association Le Refuge that helps LGBTQ youth in distress all around France.

30 years of Absolut VODKA supporting LGBTQA causes

Credits : Courtesy of Absolut Vodka

It is a lot easier to celebrate that take a political stand.

The Swedish vodka brand known for its iconic bottle advertising, is marking 30 years of ads targeting the gay community with guess what? A serie of shocking but impacting ads.

2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, legalized it in all fifty states

2003 : The add that was created for film festival sponsorship include a botle names of famous gay movies.

Teva x Tegan and Sara

Credits : Courtesy of Teva

Rockers Tegan and Sara have long been vocal advocates for the LGBTQ community and this year, they’re putting their names behind a new collaboration with Teva. The twin sisters are partnering with the footwear brand on a limited-edition Flatform Universal Pride sandal, with a portion of proceeds going to Tegan and Sara Foundation (TSF).

In conclusion brands that will think about merchandise or capitalize in Pridemonth have to know that The more you show your support for a commitment to advancing causes that are important to the customers they’re serving, including representation and social initiatives, the more you’ll be able to demonstrate to them that they do belong with you. They are not stupid, they see when they are being underserved or ignored. They can quickly see when brands are being sincere, and when they are just trying to cash in.

Business is about belonging. And you’ll do a better job of proving that LGBT customers belong with your brand when you make a concerted effort to extend yourself to them all year long, rather than just a few months out of the year.

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