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What can I do an hour a day that will make my life better in 30 days ?

Let me save you some time…

This only takes about ten minutes a day and it will make your life better in less than 30 days, so it’s a win-win situation.

All you need to do is commit to do it for AT LEAST 30 days , I would think 90 days are the minimum for best results, but try it first and see how you feel.

This is nothing new to say the least , but by doing it this way you really burn it into your mind and that is when the results happen.

Here is what you do:

Take a note card ( I find they work best, it feels more official :>) and then you write your top ten goals down .

By writing it every day you will find that you begin to form a clear picture for what you are trying to achieve.

It acts as a roadmap for your life and you can focus on the things that bring you closer to your goals and ignore the rest.

There is SO much nonsense in the world and on social media and they all try to get your attention.

The more time you spend on the nonsense the less time you have for important things. I like the way Joe Rogan puts it : “ It takes up your bandwidth.”

With 10 solid goals you write down every morning you have a clear vision of what to do.

Another interesting thing that happens is that your goals will change here and there.

Maybe you just tweak some and replace others all together, but one day you write them down and it is as if a light goes on.

You realize that these are the important things for you and that your map is done.

It is for this reason that I say do it for at least 90 days so that you have a lot of time to tweak and perfect your list.

I have done it for so long now that if someone is to ask me what my goals are I could ramble them off without even thinking, it is second nature by now.

I know there is a lot being written about goal setting and most of it seems to be longer than necessary so that “gurus” can fill their books.

Let’s face the facts, a 1 page goal setting book won’t become a New York Times best seller, but that is really all you need.

Have fun with it, be selfish, write down things that YOU want and let these goals excite you. You will find it easier to stick with if it is something exciting.

Give it a try , I think you will find it helpful.

Schak Jacobus Marais , Afiliate Marketing Sherpa

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