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What do French People think their food is better than Britain’s ?

Hi. It's Me Cerbere

Are you more Coq au vin? Or craving of a heavenly Banger and mash?

I would like to get you involve more about as many subjects as possible. We will now ask you thoughts about questions, random subjects that we will think of.

We have met a specialist of britain cuisine also a chief mister Elder Graham. to ask him this one question : What do french people think thier food is better than Britain's ?

Actually Elder is not his real name as The real chief is working for a quite famous if it is not the most welknown traditional british restaurant based in London. We decided to save his real identity.

Living in the UK for a while i have personally ask myself that question. Loving getting introduced to world wild cuisine, The british cuisine is

the one that i have not quite firgured out yet.

Because in France when asked about the quality of their food they don't, like the British, point at how easy it is to find good restaurants in London (doesn't even matter if they actually serve British Food) and at how chefs are popular on TV. That's desperate. Jamie Oliver wouldn't be a reference either.

Because if all grand chefs got training in France, that's for a reason.

To assess the food of a country we are talking about the food people eat daily and what you can find in supermarkets etc….Because no, people don't get their food at gastronomic restaurants and they don't spend their days reproducing the recipes they see on TV. They much more do what they were taught in their family. All chefs in France will tell you that they learned how to cook at home or when visiting grand ma and this is where they got the passion for food. Not at school, not on TV and definitely not by eating at gastronomic restaurants.

There is no mystery, countries that have a food education tend to eat well, those which don't have one tend to not.

Food education is something that happens at home since day one. Not at restaurants. It's then backed up by the school. You can check what and how kids eat at school in France vs kids in the UK. Then the whole society takes over. Even though bad eating habits increased in France, we are nowhere near what's going on in Britain. Which is a pity because Britain has the basics, growing very good products. But without a food education, what they do of them does a lot of damage.

Oxfam made a comprehensive research about that few years back and Britain is not doing great.

The price one has to pay to get quality is also important. The basic supermarket in France would be considered high quality supermarket in the UK.

All the celebrity chefs can't save you. It can help build a community of foodies at best. What are you going to do? All end up eating at restaurants? To be a viable option it would require a street food culture like in Asia and Africa.

Food education is not only about what you eat but is much more about how. All the process around. Teaching a child to sit properly and show proper table manners, what he is eating and where it comes from, having him to finish his meal even if he doesn't like it and throw a tantrum because it's what it takes to train a palate, takes a looot of time, patience and energy….. be honest, do British parents provide such education? This is what the French have in common with the Japanese, Italians, Chinese….The typical British kid at a table would make the typical French parents cringe.

Anyway the whole thing has nothing to do with the French. They are not the only ones to think that

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